Use a Weavers Trapeze for Successful Warping

Before you use the weavers trapeze, you will need to calculate yarn needs for your project, select yarn, and warp it onto the warping board. Don’t forget to make the cross. After warping, tie it securely at intervals and make warp chains, then go to the work table for your pre-reeding.

Secure the looped ends to the back take-up bar. Thread the yarn chains through your weavers trapeze. Tighten tension by adding weights (milk jugs about 2/3 full with water work fine). Carefully move the cross to behind the reed.

Begin to wind the taut warp onto the back beam, strategically placing sticks to keep layers separate and eliminate tangling. This is a beautiful sight! When ends reach the reed, dismantle trapeze, thread heddles and back through the reed. Tie to the front rod and test your pattern. Good job. Well done!

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