The Great Blue Heron

This magnificent bird is one of my very favorites to watch.The species is plentiful in the area,  but a little shy, so if we want to stand and photograph, we need to keep our distance. Over the years, I have had opportunities to photograph the great blue in many situations. Here are just a few of my favorites.

  • In silhouette, the great blue heron sits on a rocky point at water’s edge. The location is the bayfront just north of the Bay Bridge, looking northward toward Arcata. What a regal sight.
  • On a windy day, a heron sits atop a post in the bay near the boardwalk at the foot of F Street. The bird looks grumpy all scrunched up, but probably was trying to keep warm while digesting his last meal.
  • Occasionally on an early morning walk, when the tide was just the right depth, we would see a bird fish by the old boat basin near the wharfinger building. If the sun happens to be out, we can catch a nice reflection of the bird.
  • On its great long legs, a great blue heron stalks at water’s edge. Its long neck stretched out in front makes the bird look like he is in a hurry.
  • A great blue in flight is fascinating. One wonders how it flies so close to the water without dipping its wing tips. The bird is flying toward a marshy area at the north end of Woodley Island where a pair of Canada snow geese have taken up residence after refusing to fly away with the huge flock that winters here.
  • Standing in the bay in a breeze, this great blue heron has its feathers ruffled. On another occasion, in south bay, we had the opportunity to see a similar sight on a day the wind blew a gale. Click the “Check it Out” button.Check it Out Button

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