Photo Shoot

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As a favor to all who yearn for a more ordered and peaceful existence, I have decreed today will be Flashback Friday. For a moment, we will forget how much we have aged in fifteen years and travel backward so we can turn around and look forward again. Kind of like a re-living project which we will comemorate with a photo shoot.

I lived in North Bend, Oregon,

and about this time of year (actually, it was Halloween week), Harry and Joycie were visiting from Eureka.

Ignoring all objections from the men in the house, Joy and I decided it was high time we conducted a glamour photo shoot. After all, we were not getting any younger and while rummaging through old photos, came to the realization we never would be as beautiful as we had been in our youth nor as we were at that moment.


My photo studio,

nicely set up in our huge basement had been used for still life projects, but never for portraits. Joy always was the artsy one, so while I set up camera and lights, she rummaged through a box of scarves and fabric pieces to find something to drape parts we didn’t want to look at – or for anyone else to see, either. Also, Joy found a pile of old hats in the closet.

While we played in the basement studio with makeup, clothes and hats, everyone else was banned to the upper floors of the house. In the end, the guys got into the act and tried like heck to be glamourous. Needless to say, none of their photos survived.  Try having a glamour photo shoot sometime.  Cell phones take such great photos and would make it so easy to do.



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