Fall is in the Air

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Self Portrait 1Could fall be coming?

Leaves are beginning to turn. Coastal pears are ripe and apples are almost there. I went out front this morning to get the newspaper and it was dark. I think fall is coming.

The food dehydrator is ready. Tomorrow, I’ll buy pears and begin the process. Looking forward to the delicious sweet aroma of drying fruit. Yes, indeed, fall is almost here.

At about ten this morning, the landline phone rang. Yep, landline. When ATT took over my internet service, they included the old landline free of charge, so I kept it. Way to keep a foot in each camp. And a good thing, too. My smart phone is wearing out from too much tweeting, and sometimes it doesn’t act as smart as it should.

– But I digress –

Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah, the phone. I let it answer itself. The caller was a recording I’d heard before. Once again, the IRS threatens to throw me in jail if I don’t call their number posthaste. Every year at this time, scammers call seniors all over the country to scare them out of their rent money. And every year, I call the feds and give them the scammers’ number. However, I’m gonna let them off this year. The recording was so old and scratchy, nobody’s gonna fall for the scam. Sounded like it had been mended several times. Here’s me hoping they’ve had a very bad year. And here’s me hoping their year will end worse than Trump’s will when Mueller gets done with him.

Okay, now I’m sure fall is here.

Halloween ads have been joined by turkey gobblers dancing their way to grandmother’s house and Santa will be jumping down a chimney before the week is out. However, if I see one Easter Bunny, I’ll know I’ve overslept.

Season’s Greetings!

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