Me and the Kid

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The Kid. It took days for me to wake up. It began with a headache. The headache of my life. Gradually, my eyes opened to a world fuzzy around the edges. Everything was black and white. Only black was white … Continued

The Breakup

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When he said he was leaving, my heart fell into a pit deep within me, crushed like a stomped-on aluminum can. The breakup came after seven years of selfless devotion. I had made his wishes my own wishes. I had … Continued

The Meeting

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To say I meandered onto the veranda would be too corny. But meander I did. To the veranda. To bask in the early morning sun. A shadow carrying two coffees passed across my face. Through slits, I recognized Gerry and … Continued

Fool’s Lake

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Monday’s Finish the Story begins with:  “Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.” “I must help him.” With desperate perseverance, Julia found an old entrance into the dungeon. Edwin stumbled under the weighty yoke. … Continued

October 1989

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 October 1989 “Hello?” “Darling. It’s Gerry.” “Whoever you are, it’s three a.m.” “It’s Gerry.” “Gerry? Really? You in the States?” “No. Berlin. The Wall is coming down.” “What wall?” “The Berlin Wall, Darling. I’ll be home soon.” “Home?” “Northampton.” “Oh.” … Continued

The Light on the Maze

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He waited. A year ago, the shaft of light pulled Elspeth from her wheelchair imprisonment. She extended her immovable arm, clasped the proffered, welcoming hand and ascended into the ether. Fascinated, he watched.  Afterward, every evening, he parked his wheelchair … Continued

Diamond Jack

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This story develops from the following first sentence: “Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River.” It burned to the ground in ‘aught six.  Today, we received the following: Dear —– Our beautiful forest setting sports a new … Continued

Uncle Hiram’s Will

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The only male child born to our family in three generations was Uncle Hiram. In more than a hundred and twenty-five years since, no male children followed. In accordance with our ancient family history, male ascendancy placed our esteemed uncle in … Continued

Missouri Sky

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Under a darkening Missouri sky, Ruth grabbed the steering wheel in a tense hug and slammed the ancient VW into gear. “We’d better find a motel.” “We’ve come all this way. Uncle Hiram must be here.” In tears, Bon consulted … Continued

Winter in the Woods

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  Finish the story begins with: “She was unaware that she was being watched.” Warmed by the fire, Suzie descended five steps down into the yard. With a deep intake of winter air, she lifted her face toward heaven and … Continued

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