A Night at the Ranch

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After a good dinner, Clyde reclined in his oversize easy chair and waited for the six o’clock news to begin. His work day began at four that morning, and he arrived at home in time to wash up and sit down … Continued

Nurse Mary and Mr. Robinson

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While walking my standard poodle Friday morning, I tripped on a piece of raised sidewalk and crashed to the ground. With a bored look, Mitzi (Okay, okay! French dog. French name.) stood by while I struggled to my feet. I … Continued

The Slippery Slope

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The community college instructor was closing the classroom door. I slithered past him and slipped the strap of my book bag off my shoulder before sliding into the nearest empty desk. I stifled desperate gasps for air as I stuffed … Continued

On Her Way to The Hereafter

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Early the morning of her eighty-fifth birthday, either God, or the old woman, or the pair of them decided she would not be alive long after her eighty-sixth. The week before, her doctor referred her to an in-home oxygen provider. … Continued

Tiger Soup

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I felt a puff of warm, cinnamon breath on my face and opened my eyes.  As I expected, a pair of dark amber eyes, slightly almond shaped, stared deep into my mind.  Although no words were spoken, I heard her message.  Like a … Continued