Bedroom Curtains

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Months ago, I vowed to make new bedroom curtains. Full of energy and enthusiasm at the thought of new bedroom curtains, I tore down my old curtains and washed the blinds and the windows.  After I bought some nice cotton-rayon yarn, … Continued

Bead Weaving

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Bead Weaving, an Art Form Long before I thought I could weave fabric, and before I ever considered purchase of a floor loom, I wove with beads. Both with and without a loom. I have not studied bead weaving but am inclined to credit … Continued

Warping Trapeze

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I haven’t swung from a bar since grammar school However, lately I have been closely involved with a warping trapeze. I learned about such a contraption when I viewed a video my sister Ruth Dye brought home from a weaving … Continued

Weaving History

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Modern Weaving History Modern times, of course, goes back to an era when weavers began to jot down their ideas for new patterns.  Whenever that was. I have seen pictures of one weaver’s leather bound book containing cryptic notes of secret methods or tricks of … Continued

Rag Rugs

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  On an Environmental Note – As an aged hippie (surely, that I am), I always thought it important to keep my own carbon footprint as small as possible. Advancements in environmental science indicate that watching our effect on our surroundings … Continued

Loom Upgrade

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After Ruthie gave me my first weaving lesson, a bunch of books, a box of yarn and who knows what else, she went home to Washington State.  I was left alone with an old machine in much need of Loom Upgrade and … Continued

Mother’s Tapestries

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Lucky me.  I inherited Mother’s tapestries. I show them here because in previous posts, I have been kind of flippant about the leftover needlepoint yarn.  Be assured that I honor anyone who has talent and patience enough to sit still … Continued

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