Fall is in the Air

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Could fall be coming? Leaves are beginning to turn. Coastal pears are ripe and apples are almost there. I went out front this morning to get the newspaper and it was dark. I think fall is coming. The food dehydrator … Continued

Ellie, One Rainy Morning

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One sharp bark jolted me awake. “Okay, okay, Ellie.” Throwing back the covers, I swung myself into a sitting position. The rough tread on the safety step felt cold beneath my bare feet. In near darkness, I felt more than saw … Continued

July 4th Holiday

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For at least 3 weeks before the July 4th holiday, we heard from unrestrained mavericks who could not bear to wait for the holiday to exhibit their blasting prowess.  For weeks leading up to July 4th, from our perch on a … Continued

It’s My Birthday

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Today is my birthday. This year, I’m not having a milestone b’day. I’m calling it my trombone birthday. “Why?” you may ask. “Something about a parade,” is my obtuse answer. If you don’t get it, it really doesn’t matter. Probably … Continued

Happy New Year 2015

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Early this morning, snorting payback steam out my nostrils and sporting an oversize pie tin and huge soup ladle, I headed out the front door to wreak havoc upon my neighborhood.  I opened the door and a huge blast of frosty air … Continued

Rings on My Fingers

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Rings and More Rings When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I became fascinated with jewelry. I began in earnest to design my own unique jewelry line. Well, that is to say, I would design and redesign the same rings … Continued

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