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Spring is here and so is the Meadowlark. On our walk, we heard a meadowlark song and sighted a pair of meadowlarks sitting on the fence which surrounds the Firefighters’ Training Center.  Before I could turn on my camera, one … Continued

Red Shouldered Hawk

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On Sunday, March 8, 2015, as we walked along the waterfront trail, we were suddenly jerked out of our musings by wild hawk screechings. Pursued by two crows, a red shouldered hawk buzzed past us and flew in a zig-zag … Continued

Great Blue Heron Fishing

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The great blue heron is almost my favorite bird to watch. One crisp, cold, windy day last spring, I was lucky to observe this great blue heron busily fishing. The tide was out, leaving small rivulets on a little island … Continued

Eagle Thwarted a Pesky Raven

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Brave Mrs Humboldt Eagle thwarted a Pesky Raven Spring arrives tomorrow (March 20, 2014).  For the past month or so, the Humboldt eagles, locally dubbed Mr and Mrs, have been renovating and beautifying their nest in preparation for this year’s … Continued

Bald Eagle Nest Building

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Time to watch bald eagle nest building. Many of us are dedicated observers of this annual event. Even in this year of drought, February is living up to its reputation for causing emotional confusion.  For many months, it hasn’t rained enough to … Continued