Fall is in the Air

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Could fall be coming? Leaves are beginning to turn. Coastal pears are ripe and apples are almost there. I went out front this morning to get the newspaper and it was dark. I think fall is coming. The food dehydrator … Continued

Ellie, One Rainy Morning

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One sharp bark jolted me awake. “Okay, okay, Ellie.” Throwing back the covers, I swung myself into a sitting position. The rough tread on the safety step felt cold beneath my bare feet. In near darkness, I felt more than saw … Continued

July 4th Holiday

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For at least 3 weeks before the July 4th holiday, we heard from unrestrained mavericks who could not bear to wait for the holiday to exhibit their blasting prowess.  For weeks leading up to July 4th, from our perch on a … Continued

It’s My Birthday

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Today is my birthday. This year, I’m not having a milestone b’day. I’m calling it my trombone birthday. “Why?” you may ask. “Something about a parade,” is my obtuse answer. If you don’t get it, it really doesn’t matter. Probably … Continued


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Spring is here and so is the Meadowlark. On our walk, we heard a meadowlark song and sighted a pair of meadowlarks sitting on the fence which surrounds the Firefighters’ Training Center.  Before I could turn on my camera, one … Continued

Red Shouldered Hawk

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On Sunday, March 8, 2015, as we walked along the waterfront trail, we were suddenly jerked out of our musings by wild hawk screechings. Pursued by two crows, a red shouldered hawk buzzed past us and flew in a zig-zag … Continued

Bedroom Curtains

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Months ago, I vowed to make new bedroom curtains. Full of energy and enthusiasm at the thought of new bedroom curtains, I tore down my old curtains and washed the blinds and the windows.  After I bought some nice cotton-rayon yarn, … Continued

Great Blue Heron Fishing

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The great blue heron is almost my favorite bird to watch. One crisp, cold, windy day last spring, I was lucky to observe this great blue heron busily fishing. The tide was out, leaving small rivulets on a little island … Continued

Bead Weaving

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Bead Weaving, an Art Form Long before I thought I could weave fabric, and before I ever considered purchase of a floor loom, I wove with beads. Both with and without a loom. I have not studied bead weaving but am inclined to credit … Continued

Warping Trapeze

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I haven’t swung from a bar since grammar school However, lately I have been closely involved with a warping trapeze. I learned about such a contraption when I viewed a video my sister Ruth Dye brought home from a weaving … Continued

Happy New Year 2015

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Early this morning, snorting payback steam out my nostrils and sporting an oversize pie tin and huge soup ladle, I headed out the front door to wreak havoc upon my neighborhood.  I opened the door and a huge blast of frosty air … Continued

Weaving History

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Modern Weaving History Modern times, of course, goes back to an era when weavers began to jot down their ideas for new patterns.  Whenever that was. I have seen pictures of one weaver’s leather bound book containing cryptic notes of secret methods or tricks of … Continued

Rag Rugs

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  On an Environmental Note – As an aged hippie (surely, that I am), I always thought it important to keep my own carbon footprint as small as possible. Advancements in environmental science indicate that watching our effect on our surroundings … Continued

Rings on My Fingers

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Rings and More Rings When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I became fascinated with jewelry. I began in earnest to design my own unique jewelry line. Well, that is to say, I would design and redesign the same rings … Continued

Piano Playing Pup

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In the 1960s, my Aunt Alice, Mother’s eldest sister, lived in Trinidad, CA, next to Katie’s Smokehouse. She owned a Victorian house overlooking the harbor and had a small short-hair terrier named Flynn. Now, Flynn was the quintessential piano playing pup. … Continued

Loom Upgrade

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After Ruthie gave me my first weaving lesson, a bunch of books, a box of yarn and who knows what else, she went home to Washington State.  I was left alone with an old machine in much need of Loom Upgrade and … Continued

Mother’s Tapestries

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Lucky me.  I inherited Mother’s tapestries. I show them here because in previous posts, I have been kind of flippant about the leftover needlepoint yarn.  Be assured that I honor anyone who has talent and patience enough to sit still … Continued

Eagle Thwarted a Pesky Raven

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Brave Mrs Humboldt Eagle thwarted a Pesky Raven Spring arrives tomorrow (March 20, 2014).  For the past month or so, the Humboldt eagles, locally dubbed Mr and Mrs, have been renovating and beautifying their nest in preparation for this year’s … Continued

Needlepoint Yarn

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 Wool Scarf from Needlepoint Yarn Several years ago, when they were in middle school or beginning high school, I gave Mother’s left over needlepoint yarn, canvas and other crafting stuff to my granddaughter Kimberly and her friend (my borrowed granddaughter) … Continued

Bald Eagle Nest Building

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Time to watch bald eagle nest building. Many of us are dedicated observers of this annual event. Even in this year of drought, February is living up to its reputation for causing emotional confusion.  For many months, it hasn’t rained enough to … Continued


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Dim … Dim … Dimity My mother, bless her, loved words.  She loved to read words.  She loved to research words – where they began, who said them, how they evolved into modern language and usage.  Or, how they ceased … Continued

Atwater-Bronson Lace

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As a fan of Mary Meigs Atwater, I decided it was time to study Atwater-Bronson lace. What a surprise when my research revealed Ms Atwater was simply the person who reintroduced an obscure, nearly forgotten lace.  No matter how vehemently she … Continued

Inkle Weave

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Inkle weave has a routine. We chant an eternal mantra while we teach a particular warp-faced pattern to our fingers. Pick-up, weave, change, beat, tug. 1- Pick-up warp to make the pattern; 2- Weave close to the fell, leaving a small … Continued

Little Ellie Adapts

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Okay, okay! I know an Ellie Update is due.  And, no, she hasn’t disappeared from the earth.  Quite the contrary.  We have been real busy.  And Ellie is making history – for developing real doggie skills after a life of … Continued

The Trip to Get a Mini-Poo

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During the first months of 2009, I had major upkeep done on my fourteen year old Toyota Camry.  New tires, new timing chain and A/C overhaul were the most expensive items.  Now, at the beginning of February 2010, I bought … Continued