Fall is in the Air

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Could fall be coming? Leaves are beginning to turn. Coastal pears are ripe and apples are almost there. I went out front this morning to get the newspaper and it was dark. I think fall is coming. The food dehydrator … Continued

Me and the Kid

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The Kid. It took days for me to wake up. It began with a headache. The headache of my life. Gradually, my eyes opened to a world fuzzy around the edges. Everything was black and white. Only black was white … Continued

Ellie, One Rainy Morning

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One sharp bark jolted me awake. “Okay, okay, Ellie.” Throwing back the covers, I swung myself into a sitting position. The rough tread on the safety step felt cold beneath my bare feet. In near darkness, I felt more than saw … Continued

The Breakup

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When he said he was leaving, my heart fell into a pit deep within me, crushed like a stomped-on aluminum can. The breakup came after seven years of selfless devotion. I had made his wishes my own wishes. I had … Continued

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